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The Garden, of Course!

What are we doing? In spring, we are always extremely busy but this year we are even more so. Emily was very ill last year and only minimal garden work was done. This year we are replacing, repairing, and moving … Continue reading

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Time Frames

Time Frames I spent some time earlier this year searching the Internet for Time Frames with regards to ages in humans. It appears that there is a general consensus on this until the end of Middle Age. After that, no … Continue reading

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We are recovering from a 4-mile canoe trip yesterday. Of course, Glenn paddled the full length and I paddle intermittently…😉 it was very long but good, except for hitting the tree trunks with my NEW canoe! You are toast, Glenn! … Continue reading

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A Good Day-June Fun

Like when we were kids, the end of June was time for fun and relaxation. We retired and work all year on the house, garden, and projects. Come the end of June, and the high-heat days, we slow down. Well, … Continue reading

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History of The Three Bells

It was the 1960’s in recent news and John F. Kennedy’s Assassination that was remembered after 50 years. They asked in the paper again, as before, where we were when we heard the news. Everyone that was alive at the … Continue reading

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Schedules and Retirement

I’m retired and Glenn is on a schedule. (He is really retired but don’t tell him that!) It is just how different people like to live… For me, I’ve never been much for schedules with regards to doing the exact … Continue reading

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Whatever you think about aging, it is not going to be that way when you reach that point! (That’s something like Murphy’s Law…) Take landscaping your gardens, for example. I specifically wanted this 1952 home because it is one floor … Continue reading

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