Ah! Summer…Food!

The Lost Lake at the Cabin.


We try to finish all the planting by July 4th so that there’s minimal work in the gardens. Just light maintenance on occasion and watering when needed. The rest of the summer we enjoy being outside when cool and inside when hot.

There are always things to keep us busy. I just finished picking all the apricots and froze some. We ate some and started a new Rumkopf (rumpot). We only have one small tree but it’s enough for us. I grow apricots as they are rare to find here in So. Jersey. They are very perishable, and we don’t get them every year if there is a late freeze. That happened in 2016 and 2017.

The snow peas are done and I’ve removed the plants. Just have to shell the last ones. The rest we ate in Asian dinners. The snow peas aren’t always in the freezer section of the stores as the growing season is not long. I can’t plant much like I used to before to have a lot for the freezer here.

With the cost of food very high now, I’ve put in more food plants than the past couple of years.

The tomatoes are just 3 plants. They should be ready next week! This year I ordered Burpee’s plants and another new variety ‘Atlas’. It was developed for patio planters but I put them in the vegetable table.

We have peppers, cucumbers, and basil in 4 plots of the 8-square garden. We can’t take care of much now, so the growing has been reduced.

Still, we have to eat! Before June, I start using up stuff in the basement freezer to empty it for restocking. I will also be going to farm markets to buy in bulk, process, and freeze. It’s a hot job but inside is air conditioning.

This year, too, I planted leeks. I do that every few years. We use them like scallions when young and cut for dinners. Then I freeze some for winter. They’re not strong like onions and versatile.

Last week we had great weather and cooked with a wood fire in the fire pit. We had a camp dinner, by the Lost Lake, at the cabin. There are a lot of choices in the gardens here as to where to relax, cook, and eat. It keeps things interesting.

Every year I get some new outdoor cooking item. Today my new grilling utensils and veggie basket came. I got good ones of stainless steel and they should last. Tomorrow we’ll use them on the small Weber kettle grill, behind the back patio, to quick-cook the veggies and meat. It’s a lot better than wrapping in foil to use the stir fry method for vegetables.

It’s supposed to be 95 out so we’ll cook fast then run inside to eat!

Waterlily ‘Mrs. Slocum’



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