AH! May, the Best Month!


Colors and textures.


Notes on “borrowed view”.

IMG_3403 (3)

“Ethereal” river birch with red, white, and blue blooms for Memorial Day. (red, dwarf cv. of buckeye; ‘Delaware Valley’ white evergreen azaleas; blue English bluebells


Rear gardens with “borrowed view” of neighbor’s plants. This adds beauty and color, as well as ‘space’ to my garden. Unless the view is ugly, or for privacy, don’t block the entire view with a large fence. This enhances the enjoyment to both of us and adds to property values.

Glenn says this is the “best month” but he’s biased because it’s his birthday tomorrow!

Happy “39th”!

Now, the garden!

Last year we completely renovated the entire acre. This year we repaired the storm damage from a couple of Nor’easters and will fine-tune the pruning of last year. In addition, we add plants, trees, and power-clean/paint the house.

We had to renovate after 21 years here. Things need more than small pruning and shaping after so many years. Projects had to be built or removed. The wall got done, pathways redefined, and old growth removed. It looked bare by fall 2017.

We are now at the cusp of spring season. Most plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees have come out this Month. I’ve noted two English Gardening principles in these pictures.

  1. The gardens were designed using the English Gardening principle of views and smells from inside the house vs. the American principle of views from the road to house.

2. The “borrowed view” .

(Picture not in order. I can’t move then.)





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