It Still Winter…

It feels like winter, looks like winter…storms and more snow. Yes, we were hit hardest in recent storms with wind and heavy, wet snow. To our dismay, we had small trees broken. The dogwood in front, tall arborvitae, and tall American holly in back. I think the heavy snow fell from the power lines in front and from the large oak tree in back.

We’ll just trim the breakage so they can grow back. The shrubs that the arborist planted in the rear last Spring have no leaves. They are a viburnum cultivar that are supposed to be ever green. The winds were just too strong. It’s hard the first two seasons when getting plants established, especially here.

This year, I’m planting a cedar cultivar. They should give more protection in that area. There will be 4-5 rows of various plants for our windbreak replacements. This is the north side of the property and across from large open farmland. Without the windbreaks, we can’t sit out there. There are icy winds all year long.

The new cedars come from Indiana and zone 5. They are potted and should get established faster than bare root plants. As I’ve said before, we are “environmentally challenged” here.

Oh! It was about 9 “ and Glenn had to knock snow off branches laying on wires…whew! Lights flickered but after that, no loss of electric here.




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