In the Garden, Part 2…

Why have all these plants? As I’ve said in past posts, initially it was for the energy control- wind, water, air pollution, views, and enjoyment. Since we are about ½ mile from I-295 and 1 ½ miles from the NJ Tpk., there is a lot of wind at times. We also have farm fields across from us.

The other reasons of enjoyment, are that we can go in different areas of the gardens and have different views and experiences. We have the Lost Lake and Cabin, Secret Garden patio, pathways and walks. Glenn walks the dogs all the time and it’s similar to a park.

You have to want to do the maintenance and upkeep. We don’t need to travel a lot and we both like to be home. The pictures below are a simplified depiction of the outside of the property in 2011. The aerial view is from 2016. These are from the online-mapping websites.

They give you some idea and bearings of my post in Part I. I will them post the 2017 photos of the same points so you can see the mature garden as it is now.


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