An Empty Nest

Like all babies, they grow up and eventually leave home. When Velvet found the bunnies, they were already 4-5” long and almost ready to be weaned and leave. Yesterday we went canoeing and while we were out, the babies woke up and were hopping about the area.

At dusk, the mother called them and got them all to the large-pot area but not in their nest. Apparently, she was ready to train them on their first night out of the nest. They stayed out all night. I didn’t see them this morning at all so I thought that they found shadier and cooler quarters.

When Glenn went to fill up the water dish, he saw 2 a short distance away, hiding under the sedum ground cover where it was cool. Then he saw one under the tree in front of the patio and under the ground cover.

I was out in mid-afternoon (high 80’s temperature) and saw them still there and one more, near the first 2, and behind the large planter in the same groundcover. The gravel stones can get hot so Mom probably wanted them in cooler areas.

The whole key to enjoying the wildlife is to leave them alone! Go here to read about wild rabbits and see that it is rare for them to be orphaned:

When I first saw them alone in the open nest, I, too, thought that they were orphaned until Glenn saw the mother out front only about 10-feet away. We don’t as a rule interfere. Following a webpage’s description of what the mother does, it was interesting the watch her.

Velvet was very quiet as she watched them in the evenings scamper around and on the patio. After we found them, it was something to read how long that they were hidden and growing without us knowing. We have a controlled-woodland type gardens so the wildlife is hidden most of the time.

Like humans, the mom has to let the babies grow and go. I can understand the Empty Nest Syndrome completely which is why we have corgis here! They sure helped me get over that but then my late mother knew it would…


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