Velvet’s Bunnies


You can see them a little now.


Yesterday after Mom fed them and uncovered them. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Glenn didn’t even see the nest until I showed him.

Velvet found a bunny nest on Wednesday. She couldn’t get near it as it is next to the house and outside the fence around the front patio. Inside the patio is a wired-up ex-pen. (That prevents little Velvet from going through the bars and gate design.) Try as she could, she couldn’t get an opening or jump over it.

I finally, had to go and grab here collar will in my robe. Velvet was determined to get to them. When Ginny was about 2 years old, a rabbit made a nest inside a large planter which was about 1 ½ feet off the ground. She snatched a bunny from that like lightning and killed it. Later, the mother moved her nest away with the babies. So we learned then from experience to keep the corgis away.

I looked up about the wild rabbits. Mom feeds the babies twice a day but doesn’t stay with the nest. She doesn’t go too far but stays away. The reason is that Mom doesn’t want to attract predators to her babies. Last night, Mom was nursing the babies when all of a sudden I saw another rabbit zoom away from there. Maybe it was the father?

A few moments later, Mom chased him completely out of that area and sat about 5-feet away on watch. When she was happy with that, Mom went back to her nest and covered up the babies completely. Mothers feed early in the morning and at dusk.

About the white marking on the babies’ heads: Some years ago, there must have been and escaped, domestic rabbit in the area. I started to see a few rabbits with a white blaze on their faces just like the corgis have. Not all of them have a white markings now, and not this mother, but the rabbit that Mom chased off last night did. That’s why I think that it may have been the father.

Glenn put a water dish out for Mom and an umbrella over that hot area. During the day, Mom leaves them uncovered like in the picture. They are so adorable that I watch them sleep a few times a day for soon they’ll be gone. We’ve never had them that close to watch before so it’s great. Velvet looks and listens from inside the garden room now as we blocked the dog door with a piece of ex-pen.

I tell her that the babies don’t want to be bothered and that she cannot go near them. Velvet seems to understand and doesn’t try to get outside. Perhaps this is because she was a mother at one time.

God made them beautiful and perfect for us!



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2 Responses to Velvet’s Bunnies

  1. glenn james says:

    very nice!


  2. Jennifer B says:

    This is adorable! Thank you for sharing the pictures and how the bunnies’ mom is caring for them. I can just picture “jumping bean” Velvet trying to clear the fence.

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