Everything Has a Story…

Here we are in the 21st century and looking back to the past. The past being the family heirlooms and those items left to us. We look to the future by preparing to pass them on to the next generation.

In my family, we didn’t wait until the end to just leave everything in a will and the rest to the family in general. We gave the things we had to the family while we could tell them each item’s story. Later, they can tell their children and grandchildren these as they again pass them down.

Yes, everything has a story-from the smallest item to the largest, from the oldest item to the youngest. I still have much to go through and disseminate to the family from Mom’s estate. It’s not as hard as before right after she passed away but still not that easy either.

I can say that now at least, nearly five years later, I think more of the story behind each item. For example, I have Mom’s sewing scissors from the 1930’s. There’s a whole long story behind these. Mom’s started sewing her own clothes in high school. She came from a very poor family so I don’t know how she bought these. I know that she bought her own second-hand furniture after high school when she was working but not how she got these scissors. Yet the story starts there and continues until she passed away at age 87.

Mom embarked upon a lifetime of sewing and tailoring her clothes, things for her home, most all of my clothes, and some for my children as well. I inherited her passion and made my own wedding gown. My granddaughter, though, got the full-dose inheritance and went to college for fashion design.  She graduated last year and this year has a full-time position doing just that.

It all started with these scissors…I miss you, Mom.

I know who will get these scissors in the family now…


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