Where did the time go?

Velvet is really a great girl! We have a lot of fun with her. Now that she’s here over a year, Velvet and Corky have become great pals. Ginny is still her snarky, old self but does come over and touch noses with Velvet.

Corky wants to play ball like he used to and with Velvet but just a minute or two and he limping. The arthritis and hip dysplasia at his age of 14 are slowing him down. Already we have eliminated the front steps to the patio but he can easily use the back ones with 4” high risers. We have to just let him play every couple of days instead of daily. He wants to but tires, too.

Ginny mostly sleeps now and walks several times a day. She walks very slowly but when Glenn walks her outside she skips and trots. Go figure.

This past year has been fun, especially this past summer. I hated to see summer go as it was the best one we’ve had here in 19 years. Though we did much work and repairs, we had a good time doing things. Our grandson helped us most weeks and that made the work go faster.

The waterfall is completed and the upgraded beds around the Lost Lake, The fire pit, oil tank brickwork, and soaker hose system was repaired and finished. Whew! We had the gardens looking very good for our granddaughter’s bridal shower in Sept. It was a great day and everyone commented on the gardens.

I’ve just summarized June-Sept. 2015 but will post pictures of many of the things done. We had to catch up on repairs, etc. from over 4 years and did it!


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