The Garden, of Course!

What are we doing? In spring, we are always extremely busy but this year we are even more so. Emily was very ill last year and only minimal garden work was done. This year we are replacing, repairing, and moving stuff around. It’s time to ‘redecorate’ the cabin and gardens.

Whew! We are tired already. Glenn just took 80 lbs. of light iron to the metal recycling place. Not a lot of money at .0555/lb. but that’s $4.00 we didn’t have before 😉 I told Glenn that it all has to go and pots, etc. because I can’t take care of much now. I also gave him my Potting Shed as I never liked it.

I liked the glasshouse much better but after 10 years, I needed a new one. Thought that a combo potting shed/workshop would be more useful but it didn’t work for me at all. Glenn said recently that he always wanted his own workshop. I didn’t know that before so I gave him this to fulfill his dream, too. I have the cabin for much of my stuff and love it.

That meant that all of my garden/plant stuff had to be moved out. We spent before and during Memorial Day weekend doing that. I have it in garage in front of the large dual window that I can access better with my garage ramp. I’m giving tools to my grandson who now has his own home. Many were from my late mother and I just didn’t have time to go through it all.

It feels good to reorganize, too. I can no longer dig many plant out for sales so will eliminate most of the pots. Since May is our traditionally dry month here in South Jersey, we’ve begun the watering with soaker hoses. Some always need replacing after 10 years or so.

Glenn is happily planning and fixing up his workshop. It says, “4” for Cabin #4 and mine says,”9” for Cabin #9. It’s a joke on our township ordinance which says that all buildings must be numbered. They don’t always word the ordinances properly. If we keep this up, I said before, we’ll have more cabins and numbers-LOL

Here we have to get a permit for everything. The Historical Commission drives me nuts but that’s another, long story… I’m waiting for my new, screens for the cabin doorway and then I’m set to be out there most all the summer in the Cabin by the Lost Lake at Camp Rest-a-While. That’s where we cook in the fire pit, eat, and vacation.

The “Toy Choi”, a mini-version of Bok Choi, is growing well in the new veggie table. I’ll harvest some for salads and stir fry the rest. Going to do that in the fire pit, too.

Pix later.


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