Back in the Saddle Again…

…of the lawn mower. Gardening high season is here and we’ve been caught up with the spring chores. The corgis had their first outdoor baths last week and supplied the momma birds with fur for their nests. The herbs and vegetables are partially planted in the 2 tables.

Another table! This one for small, kitchen herbs.

Another table! This one for small, kitchen herbs.

We got a second table for kitchen herbs and they are quite handy. Especially with the corgis who pilfer the veggie if we don’t protect them. Some pruning and tidying up done already. Since I designed the gardens to be informal, we do some and leave some. Nothing really HAS to be done right now. We don’t even prune the shrubs every year except for the euonymus hedge, which is once a year.

Tulips from our center island.

Tulips from our center island.

Every 3-5 years we do shrubs in an area to improve the growth, etc. Emily’s Arch is in and Mom’s climbing rose is planted on it. A nice rosemary, which gets 4-feet high was planted, too. In between we weed some, spray some weeds, and do odds and ends. Then we took a break on Sat. and went to the Creek for our first canoe trip of the year. Velvet thoroughly enjoys it, sniffs all the air, and listens for the animals in the woods on the banks.

Canoe break in gardening... we had fun, relaxed, and had nice weather.

Canoe break in gardening… we had fun, relaxed, and had nice weather.


She has her own little life jacket and sits very still in the canoe. Glenn does most of the paddling and I chip in occasionally. Saw native plants in bloom- especially a local, deciduous azalea. It has small, white-pink flowers. A few dogwoods and viburnums we interspersed throughout. Nice day. Never thought that it would actually get to 80+ degrees as the winter extremely cold and spring, too.

Native azaleas in bloom.

Native azaleas in bloom.

Of course, there’s the usually goings on with plumbing and car repairs and big expenses. That all seems to melt away with a nice, slow canoe trip on the Rancocas Creek in Smithville nearby. It’s 10 minutes away so we can go whenever we like. Velvet sure appreciates it as does Glenn.

Can’t work all the time, right? And, now we prepare to go to the Cabin in Camp-Rest-A-While by the Lost Lake…all in the far back corner of our property. Planning to clean the fire pit for picnics there. It really feels like we left home when we go back there. That’s the reason we have it and love it.


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