SPRING! Finally…On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

It was a tough winter for most everyone-especially those north of here. We finally feel that we are “out of the woods” as far as more snow and cold comes. Some people never stop fixing things and working, though. Take for example, Glenn, my husband. He’s been at it since Jan.

We both did much inside this year but Glenn gets the prize for tough jobs! In Jan., we had very, very cold weather resulting in low temps in our garden room. I don’t think it’s ever been that cold in there. We got a newer heater but the real problem was above.

We use that all year and can look outside from this room. It’s a very pleasant area and we spend much time in there. I mentioned to Glenn that I didn’t think that we had insulation in the attic it as we only added to the house attic after we moved here 19 years ago.

When he checked, he said that there was only 3” insulation instead of the 6” that is needed for this area. In this deep freeze, Glenn got and did the additional insulation up there a little at a time over a couple of weeks. I don’t know how he was able to stand the 30+/- degrees. It got done and the temps improved greatly! AMAZING!

We keep that room at 65 degrees but it had been getting to 55-60 degrees. That is just too cold for me and the dogs, as well as, the few houseplants in there. Voila! 65 degrees was easily maintained at less electric cost. That cost us less than $100. for greater comfort.

I’m giving Glenn a “5-star” award for that!!!! Next Glenn began measuring, acquiring wood, priming and painting for Cabin parts. He removed and replaced wood on the shady side and back, etc. near the bottom. On the warmer days, he replaced the wood and sprayed for dormant carpenter ants there. Amazing again! It’s almost completed and it’s only April 2nd.

Before Glenn retired he wondered what he was going to do with his time. I told him then that there will be much to do here. I was right. There’s always something to do inside or outside in repairs, replacements, fixing up, etc. He also keeps busy helping me. At times we are both very busy.

Now that Spring has finally arrived, we’ll begin the outside work slowly to recharge our muscles. I’ve already ordered another veggie table for herbs. Too windy today to do what we planned but we’ll do some trimming before the birds make more nests.

I’ve ordered a new tool for the vine removal-fire rake. I saw this before but decided that this was better when I stand or sit in the walker than sit lower with pruners. Easier on the back. The teeth can be sharpened individually or replaced. There are still some spots around the plants in back that I didn’t get all of the ivy and the myrtle that expanded on the road-side of the house. We cut it back and spray Roundup on the stubs. That’s the best way to remove it.


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    nice! thank you. Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 19:28:19 +0000 To: gjames138@hotmail.com

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