We’re Freezing…Spring Forward?

Believe it or not, this weekend we “Spring Forward” to Daylight’s Saving Time. How is this possible? It’s NOT Spring yet. Think about this, in Fall we had “Fall Back” in Nov. but Spring doesn’t come until the end of March. Did the Spring date change??

I writing this to snow showers out my window. It’s not warm at all. Everything was covered with ¼” in. of snow on Monday morning. Even looking at garden catalogs gives me no hope at all that we’ll soon Unfreeze.

I think this is just a publicity stunt by some to get us unstuck and thinking about Spring. I’m not ready. Although we’d like the warmer weather, we just haven’t got the “Spring in our steps” with all this ice on our steps here.

Oh! To be sure, the dogs are ready to go out and run and play. They’ve been inside a lot and playing in the garden room. Since it take a couple of weeks to get used to the time change, we should be “awake” with the bulbs by Easter, April 5th. I’ll let you know if we’ve survived the frozen weather.

I’m cold and have been all winter. The fireplace gives nice warmth but we don’t use it every day. Glenn is in and out all day but even he says that he is cold and tired of it. The corgis don’t complain; however, sometimes they want to come back in right away as their feet are cold. Corky and Ginny are getting older now and much rather be inside.

Velvet and I take a nice, warm, cozy nap under the comforter and quilt where it’s toasty. We finally got a new hot water heater but the water is so cold coming into the tank that we have to draw is out slowly so as not to use all the hot water up at once. It is coming into the tank at 39 degrees…I want a hot bath so I guess I’ll have to draw it out slower. In the summer the water comes into the tank at 55 degrees from the water line underground.

Interesting information but I’m still frozen here. Not that the “Spring Forward” will make me warmer, but I guess just to give me hope that it won’t be long before REAL warmth is outside. Try the end of April and I’ll hibernate until then.

Still frozen...

Still frozen…



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