Due Diligence-Snow Removal?

(Of course, this is NOT a legal blog post but a fun post 😉)


The Merriam-Webster definition is:

Definition of DUE DILIGENCE

1: the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons (dogs?) or their property

2: research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction (as a corporate merger or purchase of securities

Here, I am applying definition # 1 to Glenn and the dog-walks…

After each storm, Glenn shovels pathways all around the acre here. Some are on the brick, pea gravel, or grass. The corgis are dwarves and “low riders”. Last year, we still had Emily and she was walking in a cart so it was even more important to have cleared pathways on the brick walks.

He even shoveled all around the 8-square garden because he knew that Emily liked to walk there. I like to say that Glenn exercises “due diligence” to ensure the safety and well-being of our corgis. The deeper the snowfall, the more important shoveling the pathways become.

With Velvet here now, she’s a tiny corgi, a 5”- 6”-snowfall is deep. We are not the only corgi parents that have these pathways either. I’ve seen many videos where others do this, too. It’s fun to watch the corgis run and chase each other inside these “troughs”. They like to play “hide and seek”.

When we close off the driveway, we have a fenced-in yard for them to play. We’ll do that when out bitter temperatures rise to at least 30 degrees. Right now there’s too much danger of frostbite feet but I’m looking forward to watching them from inside my nice, warm, cozy rooms.

BOXWOODVELVET - WIN_20150217_112134 BOXWOODVELVET - WIN_20150217_112137





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