Time Frames

Time Frames

I spent some time earlier this year searching the Internet for Time Frames with regards to ages in humans. It appears that there is a general consensus on this until the end of Middle Age. After that, no one seems to want to incur the wrath of the Gray Panthers, AARP, and the like.

Childhood lasts until age 18
Young Adults last until age 29-34
Middle Age is 35 -55
After that? What are we called? Come on, say it! ELDERLY????!!!!
Go on, call me ELDERLY and you get a poke in the eye!! (Think ‘The 3 Stooges’…)
The best I found was that the ages after age 65 were called, “Older Adults”.  Okay, I’ll go with that.

Now the next Time Frame is a SLOT. There are Adult Children, Parents, and Older Adults in a family. The PARENTS are called, “The Sandwich Generation” as they are crunched between the Adult Children and their own parents or Older Adults. I used to be in this slot when my parents were alive. It now falls to my daughter.

Adult Children are a dilemma of sorts. They get out of HS and many of them spread their wings. They think that they have all the answers but know little. Still, if they live home, they have to abide by some rules. That can be a problem. If they don’ t live home, and especially if they are over 21, there is not much you can do except appeal to their sense of reason….

Then the Sandwich Generation has their own parents to contend with in other areas, such as health problems, living assistance, etc. What to do? Here are some ‘practical answers’:
-GO on vacation now!
-Lock the doors and don’t answer the phone.
-Get a few dogs.
OR-Give in to everyone. Maybe you’ve better ones.

But this year, this Older Adult will give a few of the Young Adults a LUMP OF COAL. Stay out of it, Mrs. Sandwich… A new idea!

Okay, now just go ahead and call me ELDERLY!!!!


What some Adult Children should get this year...Lump of Coal!

What some Adult Children should get this year…Lump of Coal!


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  1. glenn james says:

    LOL, very good!

    love, glenn

    Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 18:01:27 +0000
    To: gjames138@hotmail.com

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