The Great Thing About Having Dogs

The great thing about having dogs is that they stay at 5 years old forever. This means that we can be a silly as we want and they like it. Human children are like that, too, until they get older and don’t want to be bothered with that silliness. I love it.

From almost the time I got Velvet, I’ve been calling her ‘velVET’ with the accent on the second syllable. She comes well when I call her. Who wants a name that has the ending fall off? When you say, Velvet, like the word for fabric, that is what happens. It’s the same with my name, Susan…

So we have a lot of fun with the corgis who have this impish, clownish look and they like it. I’m always making up conversations. That I imagine the corgis would be having.

Recently, the monsoon-rains have come with 2-3 inches and heavy rain. Velvet does not want to go out and will stubbornly refuse until she can’t hold it any longer. Emily would do that, too, and sit or stand, hold her head in a stiff position and say, “I won’t go, I won’t!”

Glenn said that is just what Velvet did in the heavy rain on Sat. and so on. The corgi girls look delicate but…

Now, Corky has his own stubborn tactics. If I call him from the front patio, he will think about it, as corgis do, then decide he is NOT going to come in. Glenn just leaves him out there. No wonder Glenn is not Alpha.

With me, Corky knows that I’ll come and get him. He lies down thinking it will be hard for me to get him. Not so. I hook him to the lead and pull him a couple of inches and he gets up and comes in. He does say he can’t win with me.

Then we come to the all-out conversations, which Glenn laughs about, that discuss a topic of the day. More on that later.

BTW-Velvet’s new Red Velvet coat in French Couture goes just right with her name, ‘velVET’. It’s warm with batting inside and has a nice lining. She loves it.

Velvet's new red velvet coat.

Velvet’s new red velvet coat.

IMG_0708 (2)


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