You’re Beautiful. I love You.

I just love corgis. They are very good companions to us here. Over all these years, in good and bad times, they are still our constant companions. I never thought I’d enjoy them as much as I do. If it weren’t for Glenn, I’d never have a dog.

When I retired, he said that he always wanted a dog of his own, and I guess he thought I would just fit this in my plans. I talked to my late mother then and I was surprised that she thought it would be good for me, too. Perhaps because I still had empty-nest-syndrome from the last child leaving home. She was right.

After a year of research on the breed and for a breeder, we got Corky. He is still here today by the Grace of God, after almost losing him in 2011, and having had 2 back-to-back surgeries. It all was worth it to save his life. And, that’s what it is all about. Love.

Then there is the old age and losing them. It was extremely sad, and still is, when Emily passed away in August. The blessing of God granting the gift of Velvet in Sept. is still amazing. She’s done much to help us find peace and laugh again. The three are good together and it’s so calm here now.

Velvet or Corky or Ginny come up to me and I look them in the face and say, “you’re beautiful. I love you”. God made such beautiful creatures. Look how they are made-their eyes, furry eyelids, ears, smiles, soft fur. It’s all good.

Thinking back to the Bible and the mention of dogs, I wonder how the people felt with their companions in the home (no mention of cats that I can recall). That God would think of us enough to create pets and helpers, that is interesting. What were they fed? Did they help tend and herd the sheep then?

For thousands of years there has been many dog lovers. Corgis have been around for 900 AD to 1100 AD, depending on the breed of corgi. It’s no wonder that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has been a corgi lover since a child. They aren’t for everyone with their stubbornness and shedding, but they are for us.

Tonight, when Velvet hopped up my bed to sleep, I looked at her and said,

“You’re beautiful. I love you.”

She licked my hand and curled her feet under her ready to go to sleep.





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