Velvet, now an Official Canoe Corgi!

When we got to the launch, we gave a memorial to Emily. You can read about that here:

We managed to go canoeing before it rained again. Velvet approached the canoe warily (look at her feet). She put her brakes’ on. LOL This is the new canoe vs. the old one that we practiced in on land. Maybe that’s why.

Velvet before her first canoe trip today.

Velvet before her first canoe trip today.


I got in the Glenn put Velvet in with no problem. She was quiet and still from the start to the end. Velvet was the best corgi we tried on their first trip! Velvet kept looking left and right to take it all in and sniffed the cool, woodland air. Occasionally, her ears went up as she heard animals.




Velvet enjoying the ride.

Velvet enjoying the ride.

Even the Canadian geese ahead of us, which took flight, didn’t scare her. Singing “Row, row, row your boat…” kept her calm. Later, I sang less and less as Velvet got used to riding. We were amazed that she picked up her training fast and remembered the paddle.

Paddling a little helps my frozen shoulders so I like to do some. We went over a mile then back. I hope to start at the southern end next time, 4 miles or so down, to see what that looks like. The launch here is great. It’s shallow and much safer than the Medford Twp. park. That ramp is precarious and I can’t go again.

Large wasp nest!

Large wasp nest!

Velvet stayed in the canoe and did not jump out upon landing. She enjoyed the ride greatly and yawned 3-4 times on the return. That showed that she was relaxed. (Emily used to fall asleep at the end.)

Glenn gets tired and we all take a siesta…a very good day!


Shallow launch






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