Velvet, Our New Girl



It’s been 2 weeks since Velvet came to us from OK. I got another allergy-cold a few days later and just got over it. Since she arrived we’ve been learning about each other. For one thing, Velvet is tiny and slipped through the front patio gate halfway when I spotted her.

“Velvet come!”

That call got her to back up and come in. Whew! The first order of the day was then to put a second fence inside the permanent one from the short ex-pen. Then I thought that she was jumping over the kitchen gate inside but she actually slips around it near the door frame. Out on the deck last week, Velvet wanted to go under the wooden bench, through that narrow opening, and off the deck. The result was for Glenn to put some lattice there to prevent her from doing that.

Some adjustments were made for other things, such as my high bed. We put the large ottoman back in my room and she just hops down on that and again to the floor. It’s less strain for her and I don’t have to worry about her getting her back hurt. Then there is the food and other things to find out what Velvet likes.

I did some small training for basic things and she gets that fairly well. With her great temperament, she has a lot in common with Emily but otherwise she is her own person. Velvet is a wonderful friend and starting to become another Best Friend here as we bond together.

While we still miss Emily immensely, Velvet is allowing us to heal from that loss. She fills us with happiness and gives us smiles. Velvet can’t get enough love, belly rubs, and ear skritches either. Corky and Ginny like her and things have been much more calmed, quiet, and peaceful.

Velvet is beginning to form her own habits here and find places to go. I couldn’t find her the other day and she was laying on the ottoman in my quiet bedroom. Corky and Ginny have their own places to be alone, too. That was nice to see as I know that Velvet is happy here.

Velvet resting in Garden Room after pushing everything else off the bench.

Velvet resting in Garden Room after pushing everything else off the bench.


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1 Response to Velvet, Our New Girl

  1. Clarissa Bergeman says:

    Hi Sue!

    What a cute girl Velvet is. I enjoy your blog posts, although you don’t always hear from me.

    The (3) of us just returned from an almost three week visit to see Jessy in CO, so I’m busy trying to catch up! Simon was perfect except for devouring two different dried chicken bones from which he’s still recovering!

    Much love,


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