A new Girl and Goodbye to a Boy

On Sat., Sept. 20, I took Mr. Eskimo to meet with the Eskie people, ERU, of MD. It was heartbreaking to say good bye. Mr. Eskimo was originally rescued to go to Iowa Eskie Sanctuary but I couldn’t get transport and MH wanted him to stay. He never got along with Corky, our male Pem, and should have gone sooner. With Emily gone, there is no Alpha to control the boys. I am hoping he is much happier in the future. Today it was very peaceful here so it was for the best.

Our new girl, from Diane Myers, Celtic Corgi Rescue, flew in from OK later in the day. We didn’t plan it that way on the same day but perhaps this is how God does things. God blessed us with a red headed tri girl who was a family turn-in when the owner died. She is a tiny corgi of 18 lb. compared to our 30 pounders. It still amazes me that we have this very loving little girl who has a wonderful temperament. Ginny is okay with her and Corky loves her.

Oh! A happy family at last!!! After a very sad year, especially in July and August, and with Emily passing away, we never thought we’d find a wonderful girl again. But God has blessed us with Velvet and Diane. Diane sent her to us as soon as possible knowing how broken we were over Emily. Velvet is a therapy for us and I’ll train her to hear for me over the coming year. She’s a smart cookie!

I showed her the dog door today and Velvet went in and out a dozen times to the back patio. Corky stayed out there and watched her. Very funny. Velvet spent today exploring her new home, gardens, and resting with us. We’ve fallen in love again.


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