Funny Girl Emily

Time to think of the funny antics of corgis. Emily was serious in the following concern but I always got a laugh from it. I thought of this today when seeing a door here with nose prints about 6” up from the floor…

Each time I went in the bathroom, I just pushed the door closed instead of into the door frame. Noticing my absence from the room, she’d push the door open a little bit and I’d just see her nose and muzzle. Most times she’d find I was okay and go back but never closed the door. 😉

Sometimes I’d say, “You can come in and get your water.” Only then would Emily come in and get it. She really was serious about where I was and HAD to find me to see if I was all right. Cute and I laughed to myself each time.

When I got her at age 3 ½ she would jump over the kitchen dog gate. It’s about 32”, I think. Emily would show up wherever I was and I was shocked. I later found out that the former owner said that Emily would jump over the partition in the run outside the kennel. There was another girl corgi she wanted to visit.

Outside here, Emily did the same thing for about a year or so when we had the 2-foot ex-pen around the front patio. Later, when older, Emily would still search for me. In fact, up to the time she passed away, she looked all around her until I was found if I stepped out of the room.

I have no doubts, then, that Emily will find me when I get to Heaven. 😇

Philly Area Corgi Picnic 2012. Emily was walking but resting and walking more. Here she was watching the 'kids' in the ex-pen

Philly Area Corgi Picnic 2012. Emily was walking but resting and walking more. Here she was watching the ‘kids’ in the ex-pen

The 'kids' in the ex-pen being watched by Emily, the Alpha of the pack.

The ‘kids’ in the ex-pen being watched by Emily, the Alpha of the pack.


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3 Responses to Funny Girl Emily

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  2. Clarissa Bergeman says:

    Hi Sue,

    How are you doing? We’ve been thinking of you and know it is a big adjustment not having Emily to care for. Such a dear and special girl. I don’t send e-mail sympathy notes which means there is always a bit of a delay. You are the third friend who has lost a beloved pet this month. One was a good friend here, the other a dear friend I met through Rally.

    I may have told you I couldn’t find the kind of positive top obedience instructor I was looking for in our area to coach me (two bad experiences with local trainers in a row) so, I began taking on-line courses with Simon last year and have been taking them ever since. There are different levels of participation, and this six week session I’m taking the class at the highest level which allows you to submit videos for review. It’s been a wonderful class, but it takes a lot of time to read the lectures, view the videos, train, and then take your own videos which then have to be edited down to two minutes each. Fortunately, George is happy to do the taping and we sit and do the editing together. I was trying to finish my private clients before the class started, but instead of getting less busy, I got busier and finally had to tell people I was taking a break until the first of October.

    We’ve decided to visit Jessy and the three of us are going to drive out to visit as soon as my class is over. I’ve been in PT, another thing keeping me busy, for my chronic back problems, so I just hope both George and my backs can survive the trip. We’re taking four days each way and plan to spend about 10 days once we’re there. Simon is a good traveler in the car now, and I just hate the idea of putting him in a kennel for several reasons. He’s one high energy boy, and besides a daily 2 miles walk and several rounds of toy retrieve play in his large fenced yard, he also looks forward to training several times a day. He’s very attached to me, as Emily was to you, and I don’t think he would do well being left here with a pet sitter. And so, wish us luck on our travels. I think this will be our last long road trip unless it goes without incident for George and me.

    I just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you and feel your loss.

    Much love,


  3. Diane Happ says:

    It really hurts to lose a pet! Hope you and Glenn are doing better this week!

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