How does he do this? The paddle is long and yet he holds it on top... Ouch, my shoulder.

How does he do this? The paddle is long and yet he holds it on top… Ouch, my shoulder.

We are recovering from a 4-mile canoe trip yesterday. Of course, Glenn paddled the full length and I paddle intermittently…😉 it was very long but good, except for hitting the tree trunks with my NEW canoe!

You are toast, Glenn! Then, he had to get out and pull the canoe over them… It was one tree with 2-3 small trunks across the full length of the creek. The canoe was not damaged except for a little wear…😄Way too long for me though… I’m sure that Emily enjoyed part of it and the rest she slept until the rude awaking on the tree-WUMP! (I sent a Park Maintenance Request for those trunks…)

One thing about this creek, and its branches, is that it’s slow-moving, cedar water. The color does hide obstacles but is nice. It’s an old, meandering waterway that goes through the Pinelands.
Our county has spent a lot making and upgrading parks all along Rancocas Creek from the Delaware River to Whitesbog, the beginning of Brendan Byrne State Park, a distance of 14 miles. We have not done that last 3.3 mile piece yet but in July are the fierce, biting pine flies in the Pinelands so we may have to wait.

Glenn doesn’t know what it’s like to be bit with them!! Nevertheless, we’ll check that out eventually. Here are some links: http://co.burlington.nj.us/1000/Parks-Systems-Map
http://co.burlington.nj.us/948/Historic-Smithville-Park Click on the right, sidebar for PDF of PARK BROCHURE. Next, we’ll do, for a total of 1mile, from Smithville to a canoe rest-stop in Smith’s Woods. Good enough, right Emily? This is all 10-15 min. away from us. We are in WESTAMPTON Twp., Rancocas Village, right next to Rancocas Creek but nearer to the Delaware River.

One of the old houses here. Most now being bought by government due to high-flood area.

One of the old houses here. Most now being bought by government due to high-flood area.

Shady most of four miles...

Shady most of four miles…

Emily naps until...WUMP!

Emily naps until…WUMP!

Very quiet, peaceful, and smells good, too!

Very quiet, peaceful, and smells good, too!

There are no launches here as this is wide and not canoe-safe. We should go and visit all the parks to see the Wildlife someday, though. Glenn loves it here because we are right at the door of a canoe launch. He’s gone many times with friends and family.

Though tiring, I need exercise, too, and it is a very short walk with my cane to the canoe launch. Glenn helps me in and out. I can only paddle a short time, rest, switch arms, paddle, etc. Very peaceful and quiet on our creek… until next time, I’ll recuperate today. Besides, it’s my 66th birthday and we may go out to eat later…
Many thanks, Glenn, for taking me- and I do forgive you for that tree hit!


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5 Responses to Exhausted…

  1. Pingback: WUMP! | Emily the Corgi

  2. Laurel says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Sue!!! Wishing you good health and happiness!

  3. Many thanks! Good to hear from you.

  4. Diane Happ says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Sue! Hope it was special! Glad you and Glenn are relaxing and enjoying a bit!
    Diane Happ

  5. Well, thank you! Yes, by this time of year, we really need relaxation. The canoe season is short for the creek, water getting lower, so we have to take advantage of it. Then it’s too hot so we’ll go again in Sept. Hope your vacation is good this year.

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