The Lush Garden

Being outside in the spring and summer, I always think of my parents. We used to share when our flowers and plants came out and have to visit each other just to see them. We did it all the time and for many, many years. Immediately I think of emailing or telling them that this or that flower is out. They are not here for me to tell now and I want to share…


It was in July 2007 that Dad passed away and in April 2011 that Mom passed away. I miss them and sadness still comes and goes…

I had a dream of Mom last night, and I don’t usually dream of my parents (or grandmother, Pastor Nesko) but sometimes I do. She came back to get a pie crust from my freezer to make a pie. I then said …well, how about your rolling pin, do you want that back? Then I realized her house was gone and said to her that all was gone now and where are you staying? She didn’t know and said it was complicated to come back with all the stuff scattered now…then I woke up.

I was thinking of her making peach pies and sending Dad over her with some for us yesterday while preparing her potato salad recipe. Guess that’s why I dreamt of her and pie. I do think of them sometimes more than others and will always miss both of them very much. Mostly, it is when I look at what they liked here when I am outside.

Right before Dad died, he came here one last time and said that the gardens were beautiful and “lush”. I looked at them recently and all is full and green, then I said to myself, “lush”…
Today I ordered more plants for their Memory Garden in back. I ordered more oriental lilies the around Dad’s Japanese maple and 3 clematis for a tall post near the read patio. They are red, white, and blue in memory of Mom who loved them and was a Navy WWII vet. She was proud of this and belonged to the Women Vets of NJ. She’s buried in the Veteran’s Cemetery in No. Hanover Twp., NJ

Dad was proud of being a WWII Navy vet, too. He was buried in his Navy uniform and my brother picked out a beautiful veterans casket with American Eagles at each corner. The both had military funerals. I think that I plant a couple of white lilies in Dad’s family plot at the headstone.

The gardens here are now “lush” and my hope to see my family and dear friends again in Heaven is “lush”, too. I bet Dad has a lot of gardenias and Mom has a lot of clematis vines. Oh! She’s making peach pies again, too!


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  1. Diane Happ says:

    Very nice tribute to your parents!!

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