Emily is 15 today!

Emily's birthday party-What did she get? Her fav: frozen yogurt!

Emily’s birthday party-What did she get? Her fav: frozen yogurt!

Please go to Emily’s Blog to read more…



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6 Responses to Emily is 15 today!

  1. Clarissa says:

    A very happy 15th birthday dear Emily! It’s good to hear that the four wheeled cart is allowing you to enjoy your retirement after your long career as a hearing ear Corgi.
    We’re very proud to know you and wish you all the very best!

    Your friends Clarissa (human) and Simon (Corgi)

    • Thanks! Sorry we haven’t been in touch. Mom has been ill much of the year. Mom can’t take me traveling any more so we just enjoy the cabin and gardens here now. I am getting on in age but still have spunk! We just got up from a nap as Mom and I wear out easily now.

  2. robert goslin says:

    Happy Birthday Emily! Hi Sue! It’s Teresa… I am retiring the end of this month. Now I will be able to see you during the week. Emily looks beautiful! Thanks for keeping my email address. Teresa Sent from my iPad

  3. Diane Happ says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Emily!

  4. Thanks, Diane. Emily is my best friend.

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