Gardening and Your Health

Much has been written on this subject all of the Internet and in books. I’ll just share a few ideas of what I’ve done over the years-PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. When you find out that you have a certain disease of condition, this doesn’t always mean you have to give up gardening or whatever it is that you love doing. It does mean that you have to sit down and think about HOW and WHAT you will do.

It’s helpful to make a 2-column list for yourself. On one side you can list what you do now and on the other side list what you will NOT be able to do later. For example, I found out definitely at age 29 that what I was experiencing since my late teens was indeed arthritis. It was evident on the x-rays that spurs of my back indicated osteoarthritis.

This was in the late 1970’s and I started planning for the future as much as possible. The first things that I did in the 1980’s was –WHEELS. Yes, wheels on everything. I still do this here. Don’t lift it, but pull or push it. I got a plastic trash can with wheels on first then carts, wagons, etc. Be on the lookout for books and information on gardening, handicapped gardening, etc.

In planning the garden design at my homes, I planned on smooth surfaces around the house, no steps, and ease of maintenance. In 1996 we moved to our current home and I designed the brick walkways for walker and wheelchair use all around the house. Now that I am in my 60’s and use a walker, I am glad that I did. Our one corgi also has a walker (cart) with 4 wheels and is pulled around on this walk, too.

Here is one of the useful things that I found in 2001 from the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech website. (Each state has one at a college or university and they share a wealth of usually free info.) The title of this downloadable, 2-page PDF is:
GARDENING FOR HEALTH: ARTHRITIS PUBLICATION NO.426-062 (It’s useful for other health problems, too!)

Whatever kind of health that you have, it is important not to give up, to live your life doing the things you want, and as much as possible.

Brick walkways make life much easier for us!

Brick walkways make life much easier for us!

Garden tools in the basket under my walker seat.

Garden tools in the basket under my walker seat.


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