Spring is Here!

March 26th, 2014
We can’t be too sure with the wildly fluctuating weather recently but the calendar says it is…

That said, tomorrow may be in the low sixties and I’ll plant some cold weather veggies in the new veggie table. I can’t wait to see how that works. It’s away from the rabbits and the fur kids can’t steal them either. They aren’t too happy about that.
We planted the first 12’ by 12’ area of grass. Instead of losing the seed to the birds and washing away, we are trying a new technique. The area is covered with burlap and landscape pins are holding the edges down. This is also a good way to keep it moist. Since we lost all the grass to a drought in NJ in 2009-2010, we tried reseeding it several times. Already the new grass is starting to grow through it.
There are different ways to do this. One is by removing the burlap after it comes up. The other way is to leave it on to decompose over time. Removing it also removes some of the seedlings so we are leaving it on. It is a natural burlap and untreated with any chemicals. I hope to do section two this week. The other problem is the high winds in the spring and then the heat is May.
We are determined not to lose it this year.

I have pictures of the new veggie table and burlapped lawn area. The very next day after this was put in, it snowed about 2 inches. Winter will just not let go!

I’ll be getting a new digital camera the week of April 10th then I hope my photos will be better. This one is a digital from 2000 and not up to standards now…Everything changes all the time.


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