Failure to See Beyond the Snow

I’ve failed. Yep, a true-blue gardener threw in the trowel this year already. But Alas! All is not lost…

Too much cold and snow that not even 3 months of gardening magazines and catalogs put a dent into my winter blues this year. I think that Glenn feels the same way. We just have not shown interest in doing any planning or even ordering the garden things yet.

There is a hope of a ray of a little light today. The news is that on Sunday, March 9th, we SPRING FORWARD with the time. Already? I mean it’s too early for that, isn’t it? That means with longer days we will have to get growing again. Luckily, despite being very ill yesterday, I do feel just a little twinge to get outside.

What happened was that I slipped and fell backwards on the ice 2 weeks ago. I fell directly on the small of my back and hurt it more, I think, along with my neck. I’ll talk to the doctor again in a couple of weeks but have not fully recovered from that. There is still ice all over the driveway but I have not gone out since before the last storm. Once “ice capade” is enough.

Well, I do have a new plan for the small veggies. I’ve been thinking the past 3-4 years of ending the bending over in the 8-square plots for the small veggies. Instead I finally found a gardening table that is sturdy and large, within reason as cost. It’s for people like me who can’t garden much or who want to keep the varmints out of the veggies.

The size is 48” long x 30” high x 24” wide. That’s about have the width of one of the 8-squares. I plan to put it on part of the walk/patio in back so that the sun hits it. It will be high enough that my tall chair or walker/seat can go under it, too. It’s made of Western red cedar and should last a while.
I think that the lettuce, carrots, etc. will be great there as it is closer to the kitchen. In the 8-squares then I can plant the taller veggies such as the usual tomatoes, peas, peppers, corn, bok choy, leeks, and anything higher. No more bending too much to weed around radishes and carrots.
I have a little seat with wheels that I use indoors and outdoors that is a little higher that 12” off the ground. That gives me the seat I need to use the short tools in the plots. Since the veggie garden is all bricks (thanks to Glenn!) it is a boon to my handicapped gardening.

Best of all, Emily has a walker, too, now and she can go all around the garden she loves easily. In fact, Glenn shoveled the snow off the walks in that garden much of this winter just for her!


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