Schedules and Retirement

I’m retired and Glenn is on a schedule. (He is really retired but don’t tell him that!) It is just how different people like to live…
For me, I’ve never been much for schedules with regards to doing the exact same thing each day. My job was on the road and in the office at various times and days. I did something different and went somewhere different every day. It was great and I did that for over 30 years.

But for Glenn, he went to the same place each day and worked inside. He did many of the same things daily but with some different things at times. He did that for over 30 years, too. His life is regulated by schedules and mine is not.

We are both retired and we both continue on these paths. No one way is right for each person and if he is happy, then I am happy. I am never going on a schedule as it makes me feel restricted and constricted. I need air!

After being retired and home for 13 years, I’ve decided that the answer is at hand for us! He does his schedule and I do my free-thing. If we come together at the same point, we’ll have dinner together! LOL

So, dinner is when I feel like cooking, if he is hungry at 5 pm, he makes his own. Works out okay and I don’t cook daily or have the stress. Glenn is good about making something for us both or just himself. Now, the four dogs like a rather scheduled day and that goes well with Glenn. They like to know that they are eating around the same time.

The four actually can tell time. Emily, my Hearing Ear Dog, is finally fully retired now. She still gets antsy waiting for her dinner. Though she has a more flexible schedule like me, she does like the regular mealtimes. Most dogs do. Its fall now, and we are back outside and “Camp Cooking”, so she relaxes on the deck in her very own deck chair.

After a while, she dozes off and makes me sleepy.

Glenn is inside taking his daily nap so she knows that dinner is not coming yet. I sort of like to do this and nap some days if I’ve had a busy morning but not if I have more to do. At age 14 ½ years, Emily deserves a rest.

I guess Glenn deserves a rest as he works hard here, too. He does all the errands and walks the dogs, etc. Okay, Glenn, enjoy your naps, schedules, and retirement in your own way…I’ll do dinner when I’m ready, too, then tomorrow it’s your turn…

It’s a retired, dog’s life here!


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4 Responses to Schedules and Retirement

  1. Clarissa Bergeman says:

    Hi Sue!

    It’s always fun reading what you, Glen, and the pupsters are up to and nice to hear how Emily is doing. She looks very contented and cute as always!

    Yesterday, I returned from Richmond where I had gone for a two-day seminar. Day after tomorrow, I head out again for 5 days with a friend for the Schutzhund World Championships in Philadelphia. It was hard to leave Simon, but apparently he and George got along great. Simon’s still a very energetic boy but has a sweet temperament under all that action and has even done a bit of cuddling with us on the couch on several occasions!

    I’ve started working with him on tricks and have included two of the newest ones which he learned far more quickly than I expected.

    Much love to all,


    Clarissa Bergeman, CPDT-KA

    Certified Professional Dog Trainer

    In Canine Company, LLC

    (540) 554-8738

    Professional Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers

    Member Mid-Atlantic Assoc. of Professional, Positive Pet Trainers

    AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  2. glenn says:

    Thank you, Sue for understanding.

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