What Happened to the Garden in 2013? We Threw in the Trowel!

That’s right folks, believe it or not Glenn and I actually got a reprieve from the garden this season. Of course we won’t eat too much this fall and winter…What happened?

We didn’t plan it this way but the weather did. For the first time in 17 years here, there was virtually no veggies in the garden. Like most other parts of the country, we were inundated with torrents of rain, flooding, and loss of plants. Then came the heat and wiped the remainder out. We did finally get about a dozen of the old German tomatoes but that is about it for the season.

By the time is was August and into September it was a drought season and too late to plant. The flooding consisted of water-logged soil which doesn’t support many vegetables unless you are in to hydroponics. After the third planting, we just threw in the trowel-literally.

Since the prediction is for higher oil costs this year, and we have no freezer full of veggies, we will have to take daily alternate turns between HEAT and EAT… I’ve marked the calendar with odd days being HEAT and on even days we will EAT. That should balance the budget nicely and open the Gov’t’s. Shutdown…More money for all! But I digress…

So what did we do? We got a huge amount of stuff done. HUGE! After Mom passed away in 2011, and we closed on her house, we had a warehouse-look here. It has taken over 2 years but we finally got the excess furniture, etc. out that would not fit anywhere. This is due to adult grandchildren getting their own places, the Church yard sales, a yard sale in the village here, and hauling another truckload to Good Will.

What we had was actually seeing that we had rugs and floors! WOW! Of course, that meant we finally were able to shampoo at the rugs, clean the floors, and rearrange the furniture to look like a house interior! That took us 2 weeks as I had to sit on my office chair with the wheels to move around. (When you can’t stand, you devise ways to get stuff done to save money.)

Glenn was a huge help with the furniture and taking the machine in and out with water. I figured that we saved over $900.00 over the local rug cleaning outfit’s prices. A great feeling! When the weather cleared somewhat we also did much repair on things here inside and outside. I was finally able to get the antique baker’s rack painted and other metal ware that I had postponed since 2007 due to construction here for 3 years and Dad’s passing, etc.

We then did all the curtains and rehung. What a heavy job in every room. I have a very nice rotary iron that does them professionally and Glenn hauled that to the large washer in the basement. That took 2 weeks also to get done.

It wasn’t our choice to give up the garden work but we made the best of the summer and feel good about the cleaned house. Now that we are in the midst of fall, we’ll do some pruning and cutting with the ‘jaw saw’…just as soon and more rain ends…



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