Tropical Storm Andrea-In The Garden

Rain draining of the front patio after recent improvements at fence.

Rain draining of the front patio after recent improvements at fence.

New bed with Stella D'Oro daylilies in bloom in the rain.

New bed with Stella D’Oro daylilies in bloom in the rain.

Tropical Storm Andrea arrived this afternoon here in South Jersey. It’s one of those heavy rains in the spring and no winds or lightning. If I was younger, I’d go outside and run in the puddles and dance in the rain! It’s one of those nice early-summer rains that we can play in.

We haven’t had one of these in a long time. They are either cold, windy, or have lightning-UNgood! I can, as a gardener and landscape designer get much information from pictures during these rains. In the past they have been invaluable in design.

The samples are in the above-captioned pictures. Yesterday, we completed the mulching of the edge of the new bed on the side. It looks great from the house. [You can see the rain coming straight down.] The mass of color is more effective than with a single plant. In general, that is what we do here due to the large beds and distance in viewing. Later divisions will give an offset front row to increase this effect.

The patio picture shows the run-off. We are 75% completed with improving the drainage at the fence and next to the gate. We have to have the upright bricks at the end due to the dogs putting there noses under the fence to get leaves, etc. One got her collar caught on the fence so that is serious. But blocking the water was not the answer.

This resulted in a few days work to lower the soil outside the fence and add bricks there, dig out and add rubble outside the gate area, and re-level the bricks there…

When it rains, be sure to go out and check your garden if no lightning. The plants look different. I’ve some beautiful pictures of our garden in the rain over the years, too.
[Note: the tree in bloom at the end of the front patio is a Japanese tree lilac]


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