Lupine at the Lost Lake

Lupine at the Lost Lake on May 18, 2013

Lupine at the Lost Lake on May 18, 2013

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It was a cool and cloudy day yesterday and later some rain. ain again today and most all of this coming week. It’s been a wet and cool/cold Spring. Not good for tomatoes yet…

The Lupine

The color is purple and yellow. Its now coming along nicely and about 18 inches-2 feet high. I’ll show a picture later when it reaches the higher and taller level.

I read the other day that it is not the alkaline soil that this plant likes but sandy loam, neutral to slightly acid soil, and good drainage. I don’t know where the other author got the lime but don’t add it. The lupine (loo-pin) gets excellent drainage there in the rocks.

This is the perennial form of lupine and similar to the Russell Hybrids that have always been the mainstay of gardens. I plan to add more around here as they grow to 3-4 feet high. The other important thing is to snip off the other flower buds so that there are no more than 5-7. I did that yesterday.

By dead-heading the flowers, you cave the plant’s energy from seed production and put that into the new flowers. It also stops the self-sowing of the seeds. I will let a couple of flowers go to seed but wrap them in cheesecloth so the seed doesn’t fly out.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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