Today is dedicated to Glenn on his birthday. And…

Thanks for all the work you do here! You sure work hard doing a lot each day. Of course, you’ll not get off today…

This year we are NOT doing construction as we need to get all the projects done from the past 3 years. By having construction projects one after the other, together with other things going on in life, we just got backed up and we are retired (?).

For example, in 2011, Glenn tore down the glasshouse and we had the potting shed built. Just as we were to move the stuff in there, Mom passed away. Last year we were still finishing up the estate, disposing of her house, and trying to find room and relatives for all the stuff in our house. By fall 2012 we had to get the garage reconstructed…

In the process, the stuff in the garage had to go in the potting shed. Now we are moving stuff were it belongs and Glenn has been busily making shelves, hanging up tools, etc. It goes on but we are getting more organized along the way.

Now that the rain and cold are back, we can’t get out to plant in the veggie garden so here is what Glenn is up to today:

He’s making shelves and hanging up the flower boxes on the potting shed.





Have a great day, Glenn!


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