Nothing Like Some Snow!

Well, we finally got 5-6” after it rained on Friday. That was enough for the 4 dogs to run it, roll in, and eat. Emily and Ginny gave chase then ran around together. The boys? They did what Glenn said that they would do- run to the windbreak and nibble on the bird droppings-at least Corky did. Eskie was looking for and eating his favorite magnolia leaves.

He is the snow dog and when we had 2 feet a couple of years ago he ran and hopped right through it. Still, this was deep enough to come to the corgis’ bellies. Glenn always has to make a trough so they can be walked outside.

The boys really like to roll in it and get their backs and faces all covered. I leave their coats off while they play like that. Sometimes they take off and run all around the acre here. Since we don’t let them have free-rein of the gardens most of the time, they know they have a treat when they do. We don’t have a gate yet at the end of the driveway so we put 2 x-pens to cover that. Even when we get a gate, we can’t let them run all over. We would be picking up their ‘gifts’ and they would be in the veggies…

Nevertheless, it was enough for them to play in and not much at all for Glenn to shovel. We have had so far only 1-2” at a time and almost every week in Jan. until now.  Not the case up north in New England with 2-feet of snow received and cars abandoned on the roadways. We had that here in 2010, I think,IMG_0865EMILY-ESKIE IMG_0866EMILY AND GINNY AFTER THEIR CHASE IMG_0867I'M A SNOWDOG IMG_0868EMILY-CORKY-GLENN IMG_0869EMILY-ESKIE and it was NOT FUN. Glenn is just getting too old to do shoveling and I sold my antique tractor. We can’t use a snow blower on the pea gravel but it can be plowed if it is not to close. If we get that this season, it looks like someone will earn their money partly from us…

Here are some pictures for Sat. You can see Glenn manning the broom to chase the boys from the windbreak.


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2 Responses to Nothing Like Some Snow!

  1. Heather says:

    I really enjoyed these photos of your fur babies! It looks like they had so much fun 😀

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