Some January Happenings

We finally got a little snow after all this frigid weather recently. Not a lot but enough to whiten the landscaping a bit. Nice to look at but I’m staying warm and inside. I’ve been sewing and made Corky a new coat.

Corky said that he didn’t want anything cumbersome or outlandish.

“What color do you want, Corky?”

“Gravel-dog color”IMG_0829

“Oh! I remember that from when we did the driveway base in gravel and you matched the color.”

“That’s right, Mom. You couldn’t see me well.”

“So you want a coat to match your fur-color. Okay we will do that custom design with some Scotch plaid inside. How does that sound?”

“Fine! It will remind me of my Welsh Ancestry NOT Scotland, but acceptable.”

So that was our conversation and 2 days later we have the coat done; however, he was not going to model it.


The tabs and lining are fine designer fabric and it goes on easily with the Velcro strips.  Corgis have to have custom designs as they are dwarves and their chest is different.  Many store bought clothing do not fit them at all and pull and pinch.


That done, I’m back to preparing to scan, shred, and play with papers before doing the taxes…


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