Emily’s Thanksgiving

Emily in Williamsburg 2010 behind the Kings Arms Tavern.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you were!  We did! Mom and I were not able to go to Williamsburg, VA  this year as she was still  ill  and I had to take care of her!

We don’t know when we will go yet, December 2012 or in 2013, but it will be my Retirement Vacation she said. Well, I am thoroughly disappointed. I love to work for Mom to hear for her but she is right, I need to retire now.

She said that not only are we both getting older but both of us cannot hear. That’s right. I am a Hearing Ear Service Dog who is now losing MY hearing, too! Mom is not getting another hearing ear dog for a while.  She said I am Alpha here for as long as I want!

Those other 2 corgis and Eskimo dogs better shape up as I ain’t dead yet! Why just the other day Corky ran out the garage door and I had to run and get him to come back.  He still is an ornery critter!

Now back to Thanksgiving… Mom took a break and Jennifer made dinner together with all of her family. That was so nice of all of them. It will be our turn here for Christmas and them we get to see everyone after dinner!




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