Garden Rooms and Indoor Gardens-I

I’ve been away from the PC, etc. for a few days doing indoor gardening, cleaning the garden room, and repotting plants.

We have an enclosed breezeway with a set of triple doors on each end (actually, one is stationary and 2 are French doors). On the floor is white/gray marble remeniscient of the conservatories and orangeries of old. ($15,000 for the door ends and floor in case you want to do this for a 7 by 22-foot room) The remaining work of the spiral stairs to the attic, opening up the ceiling, etc. had been pushed to way ahead in the future, or not going to be done.

It’s going to be repainted after the holidays this year to a light gray, giving it more light and substance. I was to put in sky lights, the tubular kind,  for additional light but I am undecided on that yet. Still, after visiting many conservatories, both large and small, I’m convinced ours is nice. We spend a lot of time in there all year around.

Not only can we view the gardens but keep in warm in the winter and cool in the summer. On nice days, I thow open the French doors to a wonderful feeling and smell of fresh air and the gardens!

When we moved here, the previous owners had installed jalousie doors, on each end. with jalousie windows on each side. I immediately had the vision of what it is now. After waiting we had the doors done out of necessity for the heat in winter as the jalousie windows do nothing.

If you don’t have heat in a room in the winter you get MOLD and that is what the previous owners had. They painted over it in dark green from the ceiling to about 4 feet down. I knew what they did so we immediately  insulated the garage wall and my late father installed fireproof wallboard on the outside wall in the garage.

We left the cedar wood siding of the original house on the walls in our garden room here to keep it waterproof. I like to sometimes take everything out, tape up the electrical outlet and hose the room down to clean it.

I was fortunate enough to purchase an original bakers rack. It is about 6-feet tall and 16-feet long on wheels. There are 12  glass shelves. I’m repainting in black that this coming spring to  match the other iron items in this room.

The last major item, the marble and granite floor,  was done in 2007. I questioned my sanity then for the price but it has proved very worthwhile. Easy to clean verse the old painted-concrete floor and reflection of the light.

We have 4 dogs-3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis and  1 America Eskimo Dog. They love this room. The tile man told me that they would as the floor is really cool for them in the summer. Not only that, the doors are full-view and the dwarf corgis can see out much better. 

I will post some pictures, though some are not recent, to give you an idea.



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