STROKE!! Oh! wait, I’m hungry…

It was a small  stroke but who knew? It could have been worse and the doctor said later that any stroke is serious. But it didn’ t start out that way here. Of course, all things like this happen only on weekends so one has to go the hospital…but before that…

It was Sat., Oct. 13th, and my son-in-law was to come and find out why we were having so much trouble with the cable Internet. When I woke up, I almost fell trying to get out of bed as the right leg didn’t hold me up.

That didn’t alarm me as I have some numbness from the lumbar spinal stenosis. He came and was going over the set up and I kept saying that it didn’t seem like the stenosis and that I was having other numbness. He prodded me to get it checked out.

By the time he left, my husband wanted to know what I was going to do and I said that I’d have to go to the hospital , I guess. BUT-wait! Every time I have to go to the emergency room, Glenn has to hit the vending machines once, twice, or more. He is always hungry when there but not at home.

Okay, I agreed to go but let’s s top at Mc Donald’s and get a hamburger and an iced tea for me first. That is just what we did. After eating in the car from the drive-up, we were ready to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

Yes, I had to wait; however, I felt better going after we ate. It turned out that I had not eaten after that until the next morning. (I should have spoken up as I got sick from all that med on an empty stomach.)

While we were in the Emergency Room, waiting for blood test results, they were giving me shots to try to get my blood pressure down. Glenn was in front of me, looking at the machine with the nurse behind me,  and signing* a “flat-line”. Oh! Great! Just what I need, humor…He didn’t hit the vending machines though…

Nevertheless, my advice is:

DON’T DO THIS! A STROKE IS A LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION! You can have another stroke and that may be fatal. Get to the hospital ASAP.

Hopefully, your husband will have had dinner already… 


* We are deaf and use total communication. One method is the use of sign language especially when not situated close enough to lip-read. Sign language is less-stressful than lip-reading and sometimes much better at defining the idea.


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