New Game

Glenn has a new game. It’s hit the stink bugs with the bug killer. He has the nozzle in one hand and a large bottle of it in the other. As one lands on the house, he aims and gets it-2 points! Yep, it’s that time of year again when the invasive stink bugs start flying into the house to overwinter. [NO, I am not going to post a picture of this bug! You can search on BING for it. ]

If you kill them, they emit a stink and attract more. This year I bought a stink bug trap for $15.00. You are supposed to set in on or near the ground and the bugs go up the fins and into it after the attractant. Well, not one has gone into it so it was a complete waste of money.

When you are retired, you also can play the same game Glenn is playing now… He gets one at a time but it is more than the $15.00 trap.

Here’s what I do:

I take the Raid Ant and Roach killer and spray the screens on the garden room French doors to the outside. I do the same in the cabin. It seems to keep them off the screens and coming in with you. In the fall of 2010, they somehow got into the chimney of Mom’s fireplace. When she went to open the damper to start the fire, out they came all over the living room. She went ahead with the fire so that got rid of them there but had to spray the living room to get rid of the other ones.

After telling me that, I was reluctant to start our fireplace. When I did though, nothing happened so we lucked-out. It is in the newspapers and people are talking about these annoying bugs but there really is not much you can do –except …HIT ‘EM DEAD, GLENN!

I’m glad he found something useful to do-LOL.

Since we have had “Oregon-type” weather recently, no outside work or painting is getting done. We have made progress on the inside of the garage, as well as, the basement for our Fall Housecleaning.  Very busy time of year for us here as in the spring. I’ll try to get some pictures when it is done.

Next week…

The carpenter comes to build the ramp in the garage so I and 4 aging dogs can get out of the house. Taking the walker down the steps and even using a cane, is too dangerous. There are 2 steps from the garden room to the garage and the riser must be at least a foot high. I bought a ramp for the front patio steps but the dogs would not use it as it was somewhat shaky.


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