Final Construction of Garage and Just in Time!

Final Construction of Garage and Just in Time!

The carpenter and his helper finished the garage on Tues. morning and the construction official inspected the work early afternoon. While they worked the week before, we had perfect weather-sunny and in the 70’s. On Tuesday, when it was done, we were to have strong storms come.

About the time that the inspection was done, we were under a Tornado watch and Line Storm watch with gusts to 50 MPH.  You can see the clouds in the photos taken just before the inspection was done and as the carpenter waited. All was approved and I hope that they both left for a safe area to stay!

Soon after they left, we had the drenching rain of about 2 inches and winds. Lots of branches were blowing off our neighbor’s trees, too, the garage, however, was not damaged. (Not many leaves, etc. from ours as we have them trimmed and kept safe from that. I’ll blog about that later…)

Unfortunately, I was under the weather all that night and the next day with my arthritis. I recovered somewhat on Thursday but this afternoon (Friday) I am much better. You can see from the close-up of the front that the American flag was blowing all the way to the East. Wind was then about 25 MPH before the storm came.

While we needed the rain again, it sure was a lot all at once. Glenn is now doing the reorganizing of the garage a little at a time. Next week we will be painting the garage, door, trim and landscaping the front area better.

Front with new window-compare that to the blog header picture and the house looks larger now.

The new side and door looks  better! It cannot be seen from the road and we have more privacy when we work.

It is a BIG door and easier to get in and out of.

Next- to paint all the siding again, trim, and make the landscaping in front look better.


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