Wow! Only in NJ…Garage…

Today the carpenter was taking pictures of the garage inside corner. What did he find?

looking at the lower intact end, this was a 1 1/2″ hollow tube.  He said it was the largest tube he ever saw-me too! Just image the size of the termites…The 1-inch wide by 2 1/2 inch long termites could have been in there!

Giant sized termites? NO! The carpenter said it was MANY termites. So I guess this means that he found the NJ Turnpike, 12-lane wide termite tube. Here’s a close-up view:

That’s is amazing! It took them much of the day to replace all that wood and the corner support.

Meanwhile, back in Camp-Rest-A-While…

It was a beautiful day. We put wood in the firepit and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, beans, and had a picnic. We invited the men to have some lunch and they gobbled that and sped back to work. Glenn took a nap and Emily and I cleaned up, washed some things in our double, camp wash tubs and rested.

Emily was on the grass and I asked her if she wanted to sit in her deck chair. She came right up and I helped her up on the cushions. It’s more comfortable for her and her arthritis then on the ground. Here she is after getting in the chair.

The men were sawing the side of the garage and the wall was coming down, sawing, sawing, hammering with the pneumatic hammer…and Emily wanted to take a nap.

She kept dozing off, hearing the wall collapsing and then finally fell asleep.

You can’t tell here but she has her eyes closed and slept in that position for a long time. Of course, she woke up and got down when Daddy brought out her dinner. Nothing like dinner al fresco.

Next is the rest of the framing for the side and front…


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2 Responses to Wow! Only in NJ…Garage…

  1. Laurel says:

    Emily reminds me of our Candy — an almost 14-year-old girl who loves her siestas! The weather is so beautiful now. Too bad I’m back to work at school and can’t enjoy it!! Amazing termite tube!

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