“Where is Emily’s collar?” and More Garage…

We have a pack of dogs; actually, the  dogs include us in their pack…

Emily was tired after watching me and walking back and forth yesterday. I gave her the pain tablet for the evening for her arthritis and she was taking a nap. So I decided to brush her as that makes her more relaxed.

Corky came into the Garden Room and wanted my attention, too. Just like human kids, they all have their personalities, wants and needs. I took him out for a brief walk and returned to pick up all the grooming items from the floor. I know I put Emily’s collar on the kitchen table. Later Glenn wanted to walk them before their bedtime.

“Where is Emily’s collar?”, he asked. Well, I told him that it was on the kitchen table but he said it was not there. Does it sprout legs and walk? I searched in the trash, her bag of stuff, and everywhere and just gave up. That bugged me all night. I just couldn’t figure out where it could have gone unless knocked to the floor.

This morning Glenn said that he found her collar; it was on Ginny. Well that explains it. He must have put that on Ginny instead of her own.

I know I have switched collars myself a few times in the past. How could a pack of 6 get this disorganized in one evening? (4 dogs and 2 humans). I think it was a hectic daay for us all with both contractors here-mason and carpenter, backhoe and other tools running.

Dogs hear much more than humans. It’s about 9 times, I think, and that noise wore them out, too. But since I am deaf and didn’t hear any of that at all, it was just the commotion that made me tired.

Today we have gorgeous weather and are back to the capernter and his helper doing the removal of the old door, framing for the window, and more. It’s going to be a LONG week until this all is finished but we are very thankful for the perfect 70’s, no-wind weather…I think that I’ll take a nap…Glenn and all the furkids did, too.

When we woke up- the carpenter (or was that the gnomes) had the front window framed out and the supports in the corner and sides done. So here is where we are today pending the work Wed. and another inspection from the Twp. Construction Official on Thursday.

The footing was done on  Monday after the Inspector came to see the base in the ground at about 36in. Today he came to see the finished footing (inspection #2). You can see the damage done to the wood by termites.

It is amazing that we didn’t notice the lowered roofline in that corner but it was not that significant to the eye.

After the wood outside was removed, the lower corner showed even more damage.

This work was done Monday, too. The mason actually has this huge saw that cuts right through the cinderblock. Dangerous job…

Hee’s the side partially cut and awaiting the framing for the new door. Supports are in place to stablize the side.

While we all took a nap, the gnomes, er carpenter and his asst., completed the window framing.

Glenn said that he likes to see the stages that are done to get this in. I asked him if he was going to do something like this then in the future but he will not. With that in mind, I will just have to keep this good carpenter busy here.

Next, the window and side new door…


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1 Response to “Where is Emily’s collar?” and More Garage…

  1. Heather says:

    I think you’re doing good to keep your furbabies organized! They are lots of work. Thanks for the pics of your remodeling progress. I am excited for you!

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