Garage Underway…

I will attempt yet again uploading the photos in the right place. I’ve spent a few hours on this over the past year and gave up…

Here are the BEFORE pictures of the garage and the real reason for the reconstruction:

This is a one and one-half wide garage from the front and the concrete apron.

This is the left side and old window. There was originally cedar siding when the house was built in 1952. Later, perhaps in the 1970’s or 1980’s, wood-grain style aluminum siding was installed over that. It is difficult to find now, as we found out when we had the porch on the right side of the house made into a room in 2001-2002. But the contractor did find it… I know the source.

It looks good right? well look at the INSIDE:

 Before we moved into the house, we had a contractor lift and relplace the entire sill! There was previous termite damage that was never replaced in the floor supports. All that had to be done. For some reason, the sill and termite shield stopped before the window leaving the remainder of the garage the only place not done. after 11 years we moved the metal shelving and YIKES! The corner and half the side were damaged.

The last time that I saw my father, before he passed away in July 2007, he came over 2 days before with the name and number of the exterminator that he had. We immediately had that whole side treated for termites, although none were found. The corner is the worst place and we don’t know how the garage is still standing after seeing the removed wood from the entrance.

Next, the backhoe and the start of the foundation…


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