OCT. 1999- We are in front of the new cabin. Dad and Glenn built the concrete piers and it fit perfectly.

I’ve changed the blog’s header picture to our front home picture at the Forth of July. You can see the garage in front with a direct view from the street. I’ve always hated that, especially when the garage door is open. All of the neighbors except one have their garages in the front.

On Friday this will change. The mason just dropped off the small loader and will dig out for the front foundation. After the inspector comes, he will install  the foundations for the wall in place of the old garage door. A double casement window with grids will go in the center of that wall.

I love casement windows as I can get the air I need in a room fast. It also gives a full view. They remind me of the European windows, too. Since I have arthritis, I can’t open any other window easily. Yes, everything has a purpose here!

On the side to the left, a double garage door, 16-feet wide, will be installed there. It will be barely visible. We could have widened that side 4-feet outward but that would be over twice the cost.  Since we are doing this to remove the termite damaged wood on the corner and side, and to replace the damaged 60-year old door on the  front, we are just doing for that now. This is Phase 1 of 3 for the garage-Garden Room-attic access project.

Phase 2 will be the firewall in the garage that was recommended by our house inspector before we moved here in 1996. It will also provide a drop-down stairs so we can finally access the attic. THese must be done before the house is sold someday. One thing at a time…

My late father said that when you buy a house, you always keep it up as you never know when you will sell it down the line. My parents did that and were able to get a very good price on their split-level home enabling them to move into the Adult Community mortgage-free.

Dad worked with Glenn for 12 of the years here on almost all of the repairs and construction. They both enjoyed it and I miss seeing that. Actually, I miss Dad each day…


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2 Responses to SEPT. 6TH-17 YEARS HERE!

  1. Heather says:

    Happy Anniversary! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to update and remodel 🙂 Have fun!!!

    • Thanks! While we were moving in, the township was paving the front roadway! That was fun…We have waited a long time for this reconstruction and repair so I am super-excited to get it done now. The sun actually came out and I think that TS Isaac went to sea.

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