Hot Topic of the Summer-FOOD!

At this time of the year, many people are not posting to their blogs, etc., at least not in my circle. The reasons are many but vacations are for some. Here, as in many gardeners’ homes, we are preparing food for the winter!

Drain and clean the box freezer.

We’ve been using up the last of the food. Every 2 years I drain and clean the freezer. This is the year…

Squirrelling it away-Do Not Disturb!

Some are canning the garden veggies and some are drying them. We are preparing the freezer now for the big winter ahead. With the tomatoes coming along, I am freezing the puree made with the food mill. I can do up a small basket at a time this way. This breaks it up over a few days and is even less work.

Conversely, Mom used to can them as she didn’t have a separate freezer.  She had to do that process all at once. Nothing like being in a non-air conditioned kitchen, holding a cheesecloth bag full of tomatoes dipped in boiling water until the skins were ready to peel. That was my job…BUT we had tomatoes all year. Homemade mac and cheese with stewed tomatoes…mmm….good.

If I space them out better in the meals, our tomatoes last to about Feb or March, or longer. This year was not a good gardening year with much of it in drought conditions. Normally, I have the snow peas (edible podded peas), cherries and blueberries; then the beans and cucumbers, corn on the cob; and lastly the tomatoes to freeze. In a good year I have all of them to do and one after another.

The book that I use for the guidelines is:

The Busy Person’s Guide to Preserving Food: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Freezing, Drying, and Canning [Paperback], Janet Chadwick, Author (GO TO 17.99 and you can Look Inside)


Go to the library now for it!

Freezing Cucumbers? I DO IT! The book has the recipe… This is the best book for the fastest ways to preserve food that have the best taste afterwards!!

All next week it’s veggie time! On Sat., we’re off to the County Farm Market near us and we get as many baskets as we can do up. (Glenn- that’s WE…)

Remember, 2/3 of the USA has drought even now so if your garden didn’t produce well, find the nearest Farmer’s Market soon. If we don’t preserve the food, we pay the high prices this fall and winter in the stores.

When it’s all done, it’s Labor Day and Picnic time!


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