Aug. 10th is Nat’l. S’more’s Day!

REBLOGGED FROM CAMPMOR.COM [GBM: I first had these in Girls Scouts. Never got more than one per outing but that’s the pupose!]

Today we celebrate one of the most underrated holidays in America.  The naysayers will complain that it is just one more arbitrary date to match with clip-art and stick on cardboard in attempt to bolster August sales for North American greeting card companies. To them I say “Nonsense!” National S’mores days has all the makings of a good and proper holiday.  Eating, sweets, time with friends and/or family, a song or two, and even a fire (possibly in a hearth!) So move over Sadie Hawkins Day.  National S’mores day is there real deal.   There is one thing about this holiday that worries me however. My concern is the widespread scourge of improper S’more manufacture that is currently rendering people across North America subconsciously disappointed. The subtle disappointment derives primarily from a general lack of standards and disregard for technique. From Orwell, to Hitchens, to Adams the British have been harping on about the proper way to prepare their nations comfort beverage for a half a century. I think it is time we pay a similar homage to one of our staple North American Comfort foods.   A Brief History Of S’mores   The person to whom we are forever indebted to for this bit of culinary wizardry, is a girl scout troop leader name Loretta Scott Crew.  In a flash a genius that has yet to be rivaled in the realm of camping desserts, she jotted down the basic ingredients for this legendary campfire treat in the 1927 book … READ MORE…


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