We ran into a few glitches trying to connect the dog trailer but it’s all done now. Emily and I went for our ride today in 90 degree, high-humidity-heat but we very cool in the breeze! We made a turn at the old firehouse in the village here and then back home. Once home we picked up Ginny, who had NOT yet been in this, and did a short ride in the back gardens.

The dog is supposed to get used to it before riding, as I did with Emily in just the crate portion, but Ginny was next to Emily and that calms her. I’ll let he go again but in the crate portion a few times. Corky didn’t want any part of it and I wouldn’t even try Mr. Eskimo as he hates riding in the car. Given that this was a very expensive trailer, but the best I could find, I don’t want the boys to tear it apart.

I’ll try Corky by himself later when it is just the crate portion. This is a neat thing. It has a roll-up screen or put that down and leave the ‘sunroof’ part open. If it’s cold or rainy, there are plastic front and side window parts to use. The dogs can breathe with the openings in the plastic, as well as a vent in the back.

The dog always goes in back which trains him not to try and get out the front. Though there are loops and the connections to tie him in, it still trains the dog to stay put. In the back there is a pouch for the lead, etc. and a net pouch for the water bottle.

It’s easy to fold down and a cover is included with a carry handle. I hope to get the stroller parts of a handle and front wheel to use this to push Emily around as she now has problems getting up and should not overdo walking.  Since we both can’t walk far, this is ideal for us to keep our freedom and exercise, too.

Here is the link…

With the help of our plumber-neighbor, Bill, we got the right connection to pull the trailer! So this goes to show you that if you want something fixed, get a plumber!  Well, now we can be off and running-as long as it doesn’t rain hard or we get thunderstorms like we’ve had recently.

I’ve used the trike to carry my garden stuff to the back of the garden, go search for Glenn out there when he hides, and much more! Glenn has even ridden it a few times. [I have to watch him as he will use it before me!]

Oh! I gave the red, white, and blue streamers to the little 5-year old next door who didn’t have any on her small, pink 2-wheeler with the training wheels. I can always get another set…


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