Back to the Garden…then Construction-again!

I saw in the news yesterday that we are done with Solar Summer. That’s the first I’ve heard of that term. “Summer Ends, Summer Halfway Over”-READ MORE…(Click on the BLOGS tab)

This means that the Daylight is now shortened by a minute or e two each day. BUT- We can’t sit outside anyway as it is just too hot! It feels like winter time and we are in the house a lot. See all the weeds in the pictures of my last post? Well the sprayer is in the background and after the trike was put in the garage, I sprayed them all with Roundup-heat or not. Nothing in the gardens gets done between the rains, thunderstorms, and heat this year.  We lost time, too, as the sprayer died and then the new one took time to come-2-4 weeks there is a long time.

I couldn’t take it anymore and sprayed them all over a couple of hours…the next pictures should be better. We are getting small tomatoes and I pureed and froze a couple of quarts but only got a few cucumbers before the wilt took over. It is not a good year for the gardens again…

Glenn has weed-whacked as much as he could but still we have some to go. It’s very important now to get all of them as they are starting to seed this month. I think we have made good progress of 75% but that is not enough. ALL have to go on the acre!

We usually get done in time… tomorrow should be less humidity and we may do a few things to prune. We get Bartlett’s Tree Experts to do the trees but the shrubs we do fast now with the Jaw-Saw (see the home page on my website-video of Glenn) Wonderful tool and it makes Glenn feel like Tim the Tool Man. I use the hedge trimmer and that’s fast also.

Lastly, by fall we use the hedge trimmer to cut down the hostas, daylilies, etc. before the frost. It all goes in the compost drum or in the new beds that we are making. Layers of leaves and soil add to that and after a couple of years, I plant the new bed. The pictures of our perennial bed where I do that show this wait and layering are worth it. I never fertilize it and the peonies and hosta as still huge 5 years later. I’ll start to add compost in the fall at 7 years to that bed.

What we do here is called Sustainable Landscaping. Most all the materials, except diseased, are recycled. We rarely have yard trash and it is not that difficult to do.  This only time consuming thing is if we get behind on the weeds due to much rain, and of course, as broken sprayer… The veggies take more work and Glenn likes it when it is over…

We also have low-maintenance. This means we don’t prune all the time or everything. We can get by with the gardens looking good without a lot of work. As the plants and perennials grow together, they shut out the weeds. After 16 years here, we only have 75% of the maintenance and costs that we had the first 5 years. What we do have, we can manage with regular mowing, and garden maintenance.

In two weeks we begin construction again here. This time it is replacing the garage door and moving it to the side, along with replacing the needed termite damage in the outside corner on the front. That means we will be having more things to move from the garage so the men can work.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to this immensely! More pictures later and that story will be on my website. The mason should be doing the foundation soon then when the ordered door comes the carpenter will be doing that. Can’t wait!

By Sept. it will be done and I may get my vacation on time this year in mid-October…e


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