Five Fabulous Campfire Treats

[GARDENSOFBOXWOODMANOR: If it ever cools off a little, we can have a picnic! BUT- I’m not going out and cook on the firepit in 95 degree weather…]


Posted on July 23, 2012 by Lisa Amstutz
Why does everything seems to taste so much better when cooked over a campfire? Maybe it’s that smoky, slow-cooked flavor, or maybe it’s just the fresh air. Whatever the reason, campfire cooking is an enjoyable summertime tradition that’s well worth preserving.
While there are some great recipes out there for campfire gourmets, I’m all about keeping it simple when we cook out. Here are five of our family’s favorite, no-fuss, campfire treats. (Obviously most of these aren’t exactly health foods—that’s why they’re only occasional indulgences!)

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