Our Family-June 2012

corgi picnic june 2012- our family

We are at the Philly Area Corgi Picnic in June 2012 in this picture. ALL SMILES!

L-R Sue, Glenn, Mr. Eskimo in the back

L-R Ginny, Corky, Emily, their mother and my Hearing Ear Dog in front


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6 Responses to Our Family-June 2012

  1. Diane happ says:

    Great Picture of your adorable kids!!

  2. Heather says:

    Aw! Very pretty fur babies you have 🙂 How did you get the all to smile so nice for the camera?

    • Actually, there is a story behind this picture. We wanted a “family pix” of all of us as the kids are older now. There was a professional photographer at the annual Corgi Picnic and it was a great oportunity; however, it was NOT that easy to sit for the photographer. I left the walker behind me as we had to go down a small hill but almost fell, Ginny, the one in front of me, would not face the photographer, and we sort of had to hold the others in place looking that way. We were waiting for the man to hold up the cookies (dog biscuits) but he was talking to another person, and finally we got it all together. They all smiled because there was FOOD! LOL

      • Heather says:

        That’s a funny story! I wondered how you could get your dogs to sit and behave:) Treats! Of course, that works for our dogs too. But I don’t think we would ever get them to smile as pretty as yours.

  3. mzsura says:

    Adorable pic! We have an Eskie too 🙂

    • Thanks! Mr. Eskimo is Daddy’s boy because Daddy walks him “100 times a day”! He loves to walk around the gardens here. When we are all in back, he will curl up in the hosta bed or the shade for a nap. When he plays ball, he sits, cocks his head back, and throws it to us. WE have to go fetch it! LOL

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