When I left you last, it was the SHOCK part of aging. This is defined as: finding out that you can’t do the things that you want to do and do them when you want to. The AWE part of aging is finding out other things to do and new, better, more interesting things that you didn’t do before.
Part of this AWE is realizing that you can innovate and do the things you want to. Brainstorming and getting some great-good ideas going, that’s the key. The research on a better way to get moving than even the walker came about before I got that piece of equipment. I had taken a 3-day trip to get away in 2010 after Thanksgiving.
Arriving in Ocean City, MD at my favorite place HILTON SUITES, Emily and I tried to maneuver from the lobby with great difficulty. I did get the bellman to help to get the stuff up but barely was able to get on the elevator and get to the room. I had already been suffering with not being able to do much at all from the summer of 2010. That weekend, I tried to go to the sales in the stores nearby but couldn’t get from the parking lot to the store even with a cane.
The problem is that as I would stand with the cane, I would fall as my leg or legs gave out. That was scary in the shopping center. I only went to two stores and back to the room. What to do? Emily and I went in the indoor pool of warm water to exercise. That helped a great deal. We also had a Jacuzzi in the room and used that the next day.
I spent the rest of the year, and part of 2011, completing MRI’s and going to orthopedists for each body part. They specialize… the back doctor, the shoulder doctor…After all of that, well, there is nothing that anyone can do for me. I got my walker with a seat and wheels before Christmas in 2010. That sufficed but I thought of something better but costlier.
This comes Monday July 10th. It’s a Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. I can’t wait!!!! I’ll make it an AWE EVENT and have great fun with it!
Here is something that I do all the time:
Did you ever take and idea and run with it to the extreme? I do this mentally but not always physically. If you are creative, you do it all the time. I got the idea of an adult tricycle as I don’t have to stand on my legs and balance it. I also can carry lots of stuff in the basket in back. Hey! I can even:
• Get more baskets and fill them, too!
• Oh! How about a great, rectangular mirror for a wider view!
• Not to forget a heavy, HEAVY-duty U-bolt and cable to prevent theft!
• What about STREAMERS for the handle bars- I had them on my blue Schwinn bike in the late 1950’s. I’ll make them red, white, and blue, too.
• I’ll have to get out my brass taxi-cab horn. I packed it away because it bothered the dogs.
• I really should paint the baskets white as the natural is not the thing that goes.
• Battery-operated headlight and tail light….check…on order.
• Get that orange safety bike flag? If I’ll be in the roadway, I want to be seen.
• Sew some bags for inside the baskets and carry my garden tools in one of them.
• Wait how about a matching hat and garden jacket. I have a pattern for that…
• Picnic for ONE! Or make that 2 with Emily. Will she fit in that rear basket? Better haul her Royal Coach as she has the back problems, too, now. Hmmm….need a coupler…
Back to reality here…I ordered most all of that stuff and it came Friday….LOL
Bet you can’t wait for the AWE PIX!! Right now though, I’ll just give you Emily in her Royal Coach and the stock photo….


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3 Responses to SHOCK AND AWE- OF AGING-Part 2

  1. glenn james says:

    Love the way you write.

  2. Heather says:

    I love your attitude! I can see your excitement for life in your writing. Enjoy your new wheels 🙂

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